Thoughts on Jan 2018 Destiny 2 Development Update

My main game to play with friends is still Destiny 2. It's exciting to hear changes and new content are on they way. My concerns though are Bungie are in panic mode and this would be a reactionary update to the loudest voices in the community i.e. the least nuanced, the least thoughtful and often the straight up trolls. I hope this is an update that looks to build on the foundations Destiny 2 sets out and expands on what Bungie's vision for the game is. People gana moan, so lol at the press that talk about any update unifiying the communtiy.


The interesting news on this slide was that each expansion will bring a new destination. D2 itself introduced several destinations and even Titan, the smallest, has 2 fast travel points, 3 public events. The Hive one is a personal favourite due to the intensity of the battle in an enclosed space. Also The Archeology is amazing and I would love even more content to explore there. Curse Of Osiris reset what can be expected from a new Destination with Mercury. A tiny location that offers a poor patrol experience with a single public event and little to be explored. You cannot patrol the Infinite Forest and 'the present' is so dull it has become that bit you just run through to get to the fun parts. Just want to shout out to 'past' Mercury which is gorgeous and the best part of the strike where at the end you kill a Christmas tree ornament. Also 'future' Mercury for being moody and having jump puzzles. But anyway, I just hope future destinations are more Titan/Earth/Io/Nessus and less Mercury. As someone that really enjoys The Eater Of Worlds raid lair it is great to see another one on the way.

Happy to see seasons content clarified and that it is open to all regardless of which DLC we own. Now I can invite the friends that left to come join me and maybe they will find a game they too can love.

As for Eververse I hope to find the time to write up my thoughts in a separate post. At its core it seems legitimate to have ways to monetize game over time (I love my Destiny merchandise), but I don't see how something structured like Eververse sits well with the kind of values a company like Bungie tries to embody. It treats people as chumps and reading its content will be 'electively purchased' - whatever that means - still looks bad and I fear will be a genuine foundation for people to bash the game going forward.


Masterwork armor sounds great. The recent Mayhem event showed the supers in Destiny 2 can be super *groan* fun. But who doesn't miss how terrifying they were in Destiny 1 due to how hard it was to kill people in them. Extra armor mid-super sounds great, especially for those wimpy golden gunners. Then if it reads correctly we can finally re-roll the armor stats. Now finally I can do something that was never possible, wear my favourite armor and have stats that fit the current meta.

Feb update

I'm a big fan of the time limit in the Nightfall. The original system encouraged people to slowly shoot everything from the back. Difficulty came from bullet sponges and burns that resulted in one hit kills. The time limit leads to more intense firefights which is when Destiny is at its most fun. An exception to this is the momentum modifier that especially in Savathun's Song leads to that old boring style of play and literally encourages you to run away from a fight. Destiny 1 strike scoring gave you a ton of points for finishing the strike quickly, so in a sense retains a kind of time limit. What was disappointing was a lack of leaderboards and a lack of API support to allow the community to fill in the gap for people who want to see their strike times compared to others. PvE should also have a competitive side! Let's see what happens here.

I'm a fan of the mod system so happy to hear it will continue to evolve.

Finally hallelujah to being able to see your fireteam on the map. 

Da rest

The future looks interesting. As a mediocre PvP player competitive ranks looks both compelling and terrifying. Do I want the game to really let me know how much I suck? But maybe I won't? I have to say although 4v4 is more fun than 3v3, I do miss the 6v6 types of game that were in Destiny 1. People played so selfishly that you could go in solo and have a fine time with plenty of hero moments. Destiny 2 solo PvP can be fun occasionally, but mostly it isn't. Also solo queuing into a game against a full fireteam and then having some of your team leave is the most miserable experience that I have ever experienced in the Destiny franchise. One last thing though, 4v4 Mayhem was brilliant. It is a legit gaming mode unlike the chaos of 6v6. Cannot wait for 4v4 mayhem to return in season 3. Also Rumble is coming back! Maybe Rumble Mayhem too?

PvE has been a lot of fun for me in Destiny 2. Destiny 1 was an amazing patrol space with nothing to do. While Destiny 2 is an amazing patrol space and has plenty to do. Love those public events, high value targets, flashpoint bosses and loot chests that now drop loot. The main issue is a lack of white whales to chase. The loot is too easily obtained. There are hints this might be addressed. But I miss the loot that made me run 150 strikes to get a Dry Rot and Hopscotch Pilgrim. I miss the hardcore quests to get a Thorn or the insanity that was Lost To Light. I miss the strike specific loot. Yes we all moaned they were too hard, that we hated them, that it wasn't fair. But Bungie shouldn't of listened to that, they should have listened to the screams of utter delight when we finally did get the reward we wanted.

If season 3 is just 3 months after season 2 that puts it as the start of March. That is only around 7 weeks away. Cannot wait.