Thoughts on Destiny 2 and the current state of the community

 Played enough to max two of my alts, gain 3000 shards and a squillion tokens

Played enough to max two of my alts, gain 3000 shards and a squillion tokens

For the past couple of months there has been non stop negative drama and it has really soured my general perception of the Destiny community. Communities are pretty broad so I don't want to tar everyone with the same brush. But any voices of reasonableness seem to be drowned out these days. In the past I could hang out at the subreddit and learn cool new things and ways to optimise my play time. That is all gone now. At times it has really knocked my own motivation to work on Ishtar and I can say for sure if I was just discovering Destiny today, there is no way I would have seen a cool community that I want to give something back to. There is no way I would now be creating an Ishtar Commander. That bugs me. It really bothers me that new creatives are discovering Destiny, having a lark and then stumbling across a negative community that no sane person would want to contribute cool things to. 

Destiny 2 is in many ways a huge step up from what Destiny 1 was. The campaign was great with a story that made sense, missions that had many special moments (tanks!) and showed a whole new level to Bungie's ability to create a worlds and tell a story. Patrol, which was a boring empty wasteland of tedium in Destiny 1 is now replaced by fun public events which you can fast travel between. Some of the strikes such as the Pyramidion are AMAZING. Meanwhile in the evil mirror universe that is the subreddit/YouTube Destiny 2 has no story, everything sucks, Bungie are evil and Destiny 1 is being hailed as the greatest game that ever happened. Even Peter 'I read all my story lines like I hate this job and wish I was anywhere else' Dinklage is being hailed to return.

I enjoy Destiny 2. I cannot match the general freak out with the imperfect, but still fun game I play. I couldn't think of anything more tedious that going back to Destiny 1. A game which for its entire life was denigrated as 'an incomplete beta' and one with objective problems stemming from its original attempt at fusing PvE and PvP gameplay together. I also am a fan of Bungie. I also cannot imagine how you attract creative game designers to a company that churns out the same old shit year after year. Which is what going back to Destiny 1 would be. I hate those kind of companies and would never follow one. 

Anyway, a lot of Destiny's issues were addressed in Destiny 2 and I want to say I am a massive fan of the freedom slot weapon system. Running around the crucible with an autorifle at midrange and an SMG at close range is great. That isn't to say (Mayhem aside) PvP solo queuing really does suck balls and (Mayham aside) PvP is rather one note. I would describe Destiny 2 PvP as way less annoying than the insta-kill shotty/sniper/fusion grenade hell Destiny 1 was, but not anywhere near as fun as it should or as Mayhem shows, could be. I fully understand why people have stopped playing, although I don't understand why people are so angry, bitter and cynical about it. I want to see Destiny 2 crucible reach its potential, I don't want to see it go back to Destiny 1. Raise Destiny 2 to the level it is hinting at, don't take it back to the past.

So these are my poorly formed quick thoughts. I am looking forward to the months ahead and seeing where Destiny goes. But I hope I also can find a community again. I miss that.