Ishtar for Destiny 2 update



Since the last update there have been some significant changes. 

So when will Ishtar Commander support Destiny 2?

It is safe to say before the end of September. I am allowed to enjoy Destiny 2 myself, so don't begrudge me some play time before looking to update the app. Please note when the app updates it will be for Destiny 2 ONLY. If you want Destiny 1 support check out my new app 'Ishtar Legacy'. See the note at the end for more on this.

But I heard Bungie already released the Destiny 2 API docs?

It is true and they can be found here as well as @Lowlines excellent expanded docs here. However although these allow a little bit of prep, until I can play the game and the API can return real data the docs are just an awesome, but limited resource. 

Did you find anything cool in the docs?

Oh yes! It looks like you will be able to control the nodes on items so potentially you can have loadouts that change the nodes on a subclass, weapons and armor. Imagine loadouts where you know a nightfall has a void burn and you can bring over void weapons, or better yet change the nodes on your fave weapon to activate the void burn. However it's just a guess if this is possible. Something else in the API lets you now 'activate' items. Does this mean you can activate weapon synths from an app? Can you apply a glimmer boost? Who knows, but it looks like you will be able to do more from the app which means less Farm visits and messing about with the in-game menus. It also looks like infusion will no longer be 100%, but the API can give details of exactly what light level items will end up at after you infuse them.

I heard the Destiny 2 API is pretty different to D1, is that bad?

It looks like Bungie have learned a ton and the new API looks amazing. Sure it will take a tiny bit longer to get to grips with it, but it clearly will make all of us app developers far more productive. I welcome this change. It also looks like it will be simpler to get the details of your gear, which in turn should mean you can start Ishtar and see your inventory even faster than before.

Will Ishtar Commander look the same for Destiny 2?

Come on! That would be so boring. The look and feel will be fully updated to match Destiny's new lighter grey look. With updated sounds and animation where applicable. I am also using the opportunity to basically rewrite the app from scratch.

Will Ishtar Commander be fully featured when the update comes out?

Absolutely not. The first version will be about just making it easy to transfer your gear around. Further features will then be added back over the coming weeks. I learned a lot building the original Ishtar Commander, but the underlying code was overly complex. This is a great opportunity to tidy things up, make some optimisations and build a better base to allow new features to be added with ease.

So no loadouts in the first version?

Loadouts has always been the suckiest part of Ishtar. Even if you found them useful the underlying code was awful. Loadouts will come back later and this time will be Ishtar level awesome.

OMG I cannot wait for the new version, is there anything I can do to help?

Yes! First stay chilled. The official mobile app and web site will work. Please don't leave hostage reviews (I gave your app 1 star till you fix it!) and just follow my twitter for updates on progress. If you want to help the app and get access to the beta you can do so by supporting my Patreon. The 2 higher tiers give you beta access and an invite to the app development chat room. All patreons also see special updates that show how I design and implement the features I am working on. For example this was a recent patreon only exclusive video.

Creating an Ishtar version of the error dialog

What is Ishtar Legacy?

Previously I thought it would be great to have Ishtar Commander support both Destiny 1 and 2. However although I have some help on the graphic design side of the app, the rest all falls solely on my shoulders. So if I can get any significant boost to productivity I am going to take it. It became apparent I could get a lot more done with separate apps. So now Ishtar Legacy is for Destiny 1 and Ishtar Commander will be for Destiny 2. If you want to play Destiny 1 go download it from your app store now.

Any final words?

Holy shit Destiny 2 is nearly here! This is the next step for our favourite game and also is going to be a pretty cool reboot for Ishtar Commander. I have learned so much over the past 2 years and have a ton of surprises in store. Eyes up guardian and go kick Ghaul's ass.