Ishtar Commander's Secure login

Most security issues come down to trust. At a certain point you have to trust your family members with the keys to your house or your bank not to steal your money. Previous versions of Ishtar Commander required you to log in with your PSN or Xbox credentials entered directly into a custom web view hosted by the app. This meant in theory your details could be captured. Or to put it another way required you to trust me directly to be responsible with them. The full details of this area and why there were no alternatives for 3rd party mobile apps were covered in this earlier post.

As of this year Bungie have started to provide a new secure login system. This shifts who to trust away from me and back to Sony, Microsoft and Bungie. This post details how it now works.

When you use Ishtar Commander the login is now through the phones own web browser. On Android you will be bounced over to whatever browser you use, most likely Chrome. While on iOS a Safari View Controller is used. Now on iOS it may feel like you are still inside Ishtar, but view itself is just part of the normal browser and Ishtar cannot access any of it. You can even test this yourself by going to mobile safari and logging in to the site. When you now try and login with Ishtar you won’t be asked for your username and password as the browser is already logged in.

Lets got through the steps:

First you can see here the slightly tweaked start screen in Ishtar.

You are now bounced over to the web browser or Safari View Controller as explained at the start. If you are not logged into you will now be asked to do so.


You will then be asked to approve Ishtar Commander.

If you have the official Destiny app a nice notification now pops up.

Ishtar Commander now can happily use your Destiny account details. It will also show up on > Settings > Linked Accounts where you can even remove its access to your account should you so want. This new system will keep you logged in for a whole year so long as use Ishtar Commander at least once every 90 days.

Ishtar Commander is a free app and if you enjoy using it and want to see more posts like this please support me on Patreon. Even a couple of bucks a month makes a difference.