Ishtar Commander for Destiny 2

 Ishtar Commander with Ralph The Chicken support

Ishtar Commander with Ralph The Chicken support

Ishtar Commander has been out for nearly 2 years now. During that time it has seen 800,000 unique App Store and Google Play accounts download it. It has gone from being pretty useful to essentially indispensable when playing Destiny. People have adapted their play style around the ability to instantly move items around and avoid the hassle of visiting a social space. 

So will there be an Ishtar Commander for Destiny 2? The simple answer is a resounding YES. But for those interested in the details I created the following FAQ.

Will there be any support for the Destiny 2 beta?

Sadly not. Best knowledge is there will be no item manager support at all for the beta. This makes a sense as whatever we collect, if we can collect anything, will vanish once the beta ends. The only thing we get to keep for partaking in the beta is a unique emblem.

Will Ishtar Commander gain support for Destiny 2 in the existing app, or will there be a new one?

The current plan is to just have one app. When you login the app will ask you which version of Destiny you play with and show the relevant user interface (nerd term for the apps visuals and bits you can tappety tap on). You can swap between the 2 accounts at any time. I just don't have the time to maintain two separate versions of the app.

Will Ishtar Commander still work for Destiny 1?

Yes. While Bungie still provide the Destiny 1 API the app will work with it.

Will Ishtar Commander support Destiny 2 on launch day?

Sadly not. The API (nerd term for the way the app communicates with bungie) gives a lot of secrets away about how Destiny 2 works. So Bungie won't make it public till the same day the game goes live on September 6th. 

OMG how the hell am I meant to live?

The official app and no doubt will have support on day one. We have waited so long for Destiny 2. Just enjoy the damn game and don't be one of the many plonkers who is determined not to enjoy what should be an amazing few first weeks.

Okay, but when will Ishtar support Destiny 2?

I expect it to take a couple of weeks to add very basic support. Maybe not much more than the ability to see your inventory and transfer items around. This depends on many factors. Not the least I plan to play a shit ton of Destiny 2 myself. Oh yes sweet mumma. Lots of shooting Gary and his minions with my pew pew. It is a free app and I am not your bitch so please be understanding during this time.

What do you mean basic version!

I just mean it is going to take time to get all the features back up and running. If you have used the app you know I love things to work in the most amazeballs fashion possible. I want it to look and behave as however Destiny 2 does. It is a free app and I am not your bitch so please be understanding during this time. Adding bling in the Ishtar way takes time. See here for how much I have to do myself.

Will there be less features long term?

I don't know. It is quite possible something that made sense in Destiny 1 make no sense in Destiny 2 (Please god, no more armour grading nonsense). Hopefully there are new cool things and this leads to some other cool features no one has even thought of yet. Maybe long term you get even more!

Is there anything I can do to support you?

Yes! First of all be patient (Did I mention I am not your bitch?). Secondly don't leave low star reviews on the app. That does not motivate me, quite the opposite in fact. Enjoy the damn game and don't be a downer, like so many in our community want to be. We don't get a new Destiny that often. If you love Bungie as I do, have some trust they are going to give us something fucking amazing. Or at least after a couple of patches :-) Let that keep you busy and happy for a couple of weeks. Finally if you want to splash some cash feel to support my efforts via my Patreon. Even a dollar a month makes all the difference