Ishtar Commander a year in review

Today marks exactly a year since I started work on Ishtar Commander for Destiny. The first version did not ship till September 26th 2015 a few weeks after Bungie gave us The Taken King. Although I have worked on designing mobile apps for nearly 2 decades (welp!), this has been the first app I also developed myself. During the day my work has always been in massive teams where everyone had, in my opinion, over specialised roles. So on Ishtar I have got to wear every hat, own every decision and learn from every mistake. It has been ridiculous fun, brought me into contact with many wonderful people and resulted in an app that is very close to 300,000 downloads from unique accounts.

Recently I have seen several emails where people have asked me if I still love Destiny and am still motivated to continue with the app. Despite this being a pretty dry period for content I am if anything loving Destiny more than ever. The changes in April have made the game significantly more rewarding and despite being mediocre at best at PvP I still feel I am slowly progressing there. Rise of Iron looks to be a great update and will bring plenty of new content. I also expect it to lead to plenty of new ideas for the app. However even without new ideas there are still plenty of significant gaps in the app. Item distribution, vendor details, search, bungie forums and many more things that are only missing due to lack of time to add them. Only kidding about adding the Bungie forums. Screw that toxic hell hole. 

So I am not going anywhere, I am still motivated and Rise of Iron should turbo boost my app creation ideas. As the app shipped after Taken King and only grew in reputation in the past six months I have high hopes to see it jump in popularity when the new expansion hits. As people rush back their friends can tell them to check out Ishtar. 

I just want to thank a few people. First of all the amazing team who beta test the app, give me feedback, point out when a pixel is out of place and tell me to chill out when I am being a grumpy douche rocket. Recently they are also helped localise the app and provide some amazing enhancements to the graphic design. You are all amazing and it never occurred to me when I created the app I would have this private mini community who mean so much to me. I then want to thank all the kind people who have contributed financially to the app via Patreon. Recently I have been able to use this money to do thing such as renew my Apple dev account and buy a few pieces of software that mean I can spend less time on boring developer tasks and more on errr fun developer tasks. The other 90% is used to buy me chocolate. Finally I want to thank all those people who follow my nonsense on twitter and leave great feedback on Reddit. Let's make the next year awesome my fellow guardians.