Announcing Ishtar Commander for Desktop Technology Preview

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 23.06.00.png

If you are feeling brave want to see the next steps Ishtar Commander is taking here are the links to the Windows 10 and Mac OS versions of Ishtar Commander.

Right now it is basically the same as the tablet version, but with added drag and drop. The app is also currently unsigned for both Windows and Mac OS. On the Mac you need to unzip it, right click and select open. There are a zillion PC configurations out there and so it would be great to get feedback now on if the app works. The current version is Windows 10 only, but Windows 8.1 might be possible in the near future.

Finally the app won't be updated till its proper release just as Destiny 2 comes out for PC towards the end of the month. However if you want to support the apps development and get new features I offer beta access to my patreons here. This beta version will be added to on an almost daily basis. Otherwise just hang in there as the end of October is not far away.